Plant Development Services, inc.


Want to Introduce Your NEW Plant and Begin Making Money? Let Plant Development Services Do the Work For You!

This is how our plant introduction services can help:

  • Nationwide plant recognition through: marketing/advertising, brand management, innovative retail packaging and online marketing strategy;
  • Cover all introduction costs (trademarks, plant patents, market viability research);
  • Connect you to our expansive grower partner networks and distribution partners.

Brand Management

PDSI brands are supported by an experienced full-time marketing team and backed by significant marketing investment each year. Comprehensive and layered marketing plans for each brand employ our extensive media planning and content marketing experience to provide vast exposure directly to consumers. In addition to traditional media, our grassroots efforts take our plant experts on the road all year, showcasing your plants at horticultural shows across the nation and through community outreach events. We use our strong relationships with garden writers and bloggers to spread the word further.

Today, your online presence is just as important as your shelf presence. Our dedicated team maintains consistent brand presences across multiple channels: web, social media, e-communication and blogger networks. Brand web sites optimized with continual fresh content, effective social media communications and blogger outreach all work together to reach consumers where they are when they aren’t gardening – online!

Join our retailer, grower or breeder networks and profit from these efforts, trialed and proven plant varieties, and these powerful brands.

Grower Networks

Plant Development Services works closely with the nation’s top growers and breeders. We bring plants to market that have highly marketable and recognizable trait improvements year after year. With a comprehensive grower network, Plant Development Services is able to manage distribution to all regions and market channels.


Plant Development Services current brands include: Encore® Azalea, the world’s best-selling reblooming azalea, and the Southern Living® Plant Collection, the most recognized name in the gardening lifestyle industry in the South, and the Sunset Western Garden Collection®, the first live plant collection to focus exclusively on top performing plants for the Western gardener.