LOXLEY, AL. – August 19, 2005 – Plant Development Services, Inc. (PDSI) further cemented its reputation as the global leader in new plant productions this week with five new plant introductions at TNLA 2005, the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association annual horticultural trade show held in Dallas, Aug. 19-21, at the Dallas Convention Center. With more than 10,000 industry professionals in attendance, Plant Development Services, Inc. unveiled the newest members of their plant family – the Calisto Indian Hawthorne, the Firestorm nandina, the Purple Haze loropetalum (now Purple Diamond) and two new liriopes, Marc Anthony and Cleopatra.

The horticultural innovators that produced the revolutionary Encore Azaleas, Plant Development Services, Inc. has continued to shape the way new, relevant plants reach the consumer. These five new plants coming from Plant Development Services, Inc. will have a soft introduction in Spring 2006, with full-scale support in Spring 2007.

The Calisto™ Indian Hawthorne is a perfect choice for gardeners and landscape professionals with its vibrant pink blooms set against the backdrop of the plant’s deep green leaves with a signature curl at the end. Its naturally dense branching habit and compact size make it just right for tight but demanding landscape challenges.

The Firestorm™ Nandina is aptly named, with its soft, red leaves that appear to be in flames when seen blowing in the wind. Its dramatically deep, dark red winter coat lightens up for the spring, shifting to a softer red and luminous green color ensemble. The Firestorm’s foliage puts on a colorful show all year long.

When it comes to purple-leafed plants, PDSI’s new Purple Haze™ Loropetalum boasts some of the most intense purple foliage color available on the market. Additionally, its brilliant purple is on both sides of the leaves. The plant’s blooms arrive in the spring, appearing brighter than the foliage itself, creating a beautiful contrast. Its unique characteristics include a maximum height of four feet, which minimizes trimming maintenance compared to other loropetalums on the market today.

PDSI’s new liriopes, Marc Anthony™ and Cleopatra™, complement each other well. Marc Anthony, a variegated variety, is the only one of its kind to have three color hues. Its new leaves originate as yellow and green. Throughout the summer, this foliage becomes white and green. Each season, the foliage returns to its vibrant yellow and green form. Cleopatra is a new clumping liriope whose foliage spans up to 24 inches and is both broader and darker than other varieties. In mid-summer, Cleopatra is crowned with lovely lavender spikes that rise high above the foliage.

Plant Development Services, Inc., a wholesale production nursery in Loxley, Ala., is recognized globally for developing new horticultural innovations. The company is currently in the process of signing up new growers in an effort to bring new items to the market in 2007. In addition to the Encore Azalea line, Plant Development Services, Inc. has introduced over 50 patented plants and/or brands. For more information about purchasing or growing Plant Development Services, Inc. plants, or about becoming a plant-breeding partner, visit www.plantdevelopment.com or call (888) 922-7374.

Friday August 19, 2005