In a 2009 USDA study, eleven varieties of Encore Azaleas were found to be resistant to lace bugs, meaning Encore Azaleas can play an important role in eco-friendly pest control!

The study, conducted at the USDA-ARS Thad Cochran Horticultural Research Laboratory in Poplarville, Miss., examined 19 varieties of Encore Azalea for host plant resistance to lace bugs. Study details can be found at

Research entomologist Grant Kirker reports, "Host plant resistance is an environmentally friendly, low-tech, low-cost method of control that reduces the need for pesticides to manage azalea lace bugs." Researchers are hopeful that this new knowledge will lead eventually to the breeding of pest-free cultivars.

Which Encore Azalea varieties are lace bug resistant?

The Encore Azalea cultivars found to be lace bug resistant include:

Autumn Amethyst Autumn Twist
Autumn Royalty Autumn Sangria
Autumn Cheer Autumn Rouge

Cultivars showing moderate resistance were:

Autumn Embers Autumn Bravo
Autumn Starlite Autumn Ruby
Autumn Princess  

Monday February 15, 2010