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Sunset Plant Collection Joins Forces to Empower Homeowners with Water Conservation Tips at California State Fairs


(Loxley, AL – June 2023) Sunset Plant Collection has partnered with Save Our Water and The Home Depot to provide California residents with innovative waterwise gardening advice at a well-attended and widely beloved venue: the California State Fairs. 

Reaching over 650,000 visitors annually, the California State Fairs serve a region in which a changing climate has led to increasingly extreme weather conditions and subsequently, driven demand for water-wise landscape plants.

Attendees to the 2023 State Fairs will experience the “Save Our Water Yard Transformation Education Center” exhibit. The dynamic partner installation shows the effects of climate shifts on California and creative ways to conserve water while enjoying a beautiful, recreation-friendly landscape. The exhibit communicates the importance of change while highlighting the benefits of waterwise plants from Sunset Plant Collection and other Home Depot plant providers. 

Demo planters in the exhibit, grown by Everde Growers, will highlight waterwise, easy-to-maintain plant varieties, and showcase plants that provide bold color without compromising on water consumption. 

Among key waterwise plants featured are Platinum Beauty™ Lomandra, Skyscraper® Senecio, and the Butterfly Candy™ Buddleia collection. 

“With a grass-like texture and arching foliage well-suited to containers and mass plantings, Platinum Beauty Lomandra is the ultimate in easy-care landscaping and is the first green and white striped variegated form of Lomandra on the market,” explains Sluis. 

“Skyscraper Senecio offers an eye-catching structural component for succulent gardens with its vivid bluish-green hue and size, reaching 2-3’ in one growing season. Lastly, Butterfly Candy™ Buddleia charms with five unique flower colors that bloom in spring and will rebloom throughout the summer.”

The new collaboration between Sunset Plant Collection, Save Our Water, and The Home Depot leverages the three partners’ expertise to provide valuable tips and techniques for gardening in environments with restricted rainfall. 

Notably, the new partnership highlights the significant potential of public-private partnerships within the garden industry to educate a sizeable audience on creating a sustainable future through gardening. 

For more information on the partnership, please contact Corrina Murray at [email protected] .

About the Sunset Plant Collection™

Introduced in the spring of 2012 through a partnership between Sunset® magazine and Plant Development Services, the Sunset Plant Collection was the first plant collection designed specifically for the Western gardener. Since then, the Collection has grown into a comprehensive group of plant varieties customized to best meet the climatic differences and challenges of our diverse gardening regions.