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Time to Update Your Nandinas


For decades, nandinas have been a mainstay in landscapes, and for good reason. We all appreciate tough plants that require little maintenance and look good year round (at least in USDA zone 7 and above).

However, in many parts of the country, the old tried-and-true forms have become a problem. As is often the case, plants grown from seed can also reseed, and so traditional Nandina are becoming invasive pests. Their bright berries have also been linked to songbird deaths.

Fortunately there is an easy solution: switch to varieties that are sterile and do not produce any berries or seeds. Our Nandinas; Obsession™, Flirt™, Blush Pink™, and ‘Lemon Lime’ are berry free and will not spread.

Produced from tissue culture for superior uniformity, these varieties have been selected for their naturally bushy and compact habit, as well as extended foliage color. Nandinas usually require cooler night temperatures to produce colorful leaves, but ours will produce colorful new foliage throughout the growing season.

These improved nandinas are available from rewholesalers, retailers and wholesale nurseries on the West Coast and Southeast; simply ask for the Southern Living Plant Collection or Sunset Western Garden Collection.