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The Butterfly Candy™ Buddleia Collection at the Sweet Spot of Consumer Demand


Loxley, AL (February 1, 2023) – There’s a sweet treat in store for butterflies – and gardeners – coming spring of 2023. The experts at Plant Development Services, Inc. (PDSI) announce the retail debut of Butterfly Candy™ Buddleia, a collection of five floriferous and compact growing new varieties of butterfly bush. From their cheerfully color-coordinated pots to playful names like Lil’ Coconut™ and Lil’ Raspberry™, Butterfly Candy offers a celebration of color with imaginative branding and easy care.

“Many are finding their outdoor spaces getting smaller while their cravings for bright blooms are getting stronger,” says Kip McConnell, Vice President of Business Development for PDSI. “Butterfly Candy plants are the definition of eye candy; with denser, more vibrant blooms than previous buddleia varieties, irresistible nectar for pollinators, and a convenient size that works perfectly in even the tightest of spaces. Butterfly Candy more than lives up to its appealing name.”

With “best in show” accolades in Europe that praise its exceptional flowers and attractive foliage, Butterfly Candy is positioned to introduce highly unique traits to the North American buddleia market. Butterfly Candy has a compact habit, reaching just 2-3’ tall and wide when mature, as well as robust flowers spring through summer. Its size requires no pruning and is an ideal solution for small spaces and container plantings. Butterfly Candy thrives in full sun in USDA Zones 5-10; plus, this heat-loving heavy bloomer is water-wise once established.

Customers will gravitate to the brightly colored pots that pop off garden center shelves and correspond to the five varieties’ distinctly hued blooms:

Creamy and cloudlike, the warm white flowers of Lil’ Coconut™ infuse airy lightness into the landscape. Lil’ Bubblegum™ is the collection’s lightest pink bloom, with pastel flowers that balance cheerfully atop strong stems. Lil’ Raspberry™ offers a shock of electric pink flowers in rich fuchsia tones. Pretty purples include the collection’s Lil’ Lavender™ with its soft and appealing namesake hue, and the bold and bright Lil’ Grape™.

The Butterfly Candy Buddleia collection will be available online, in stores at select major retailers in the Southeast and Midwest, and offered on the West Coast through Sunset® Plant Collection starting in spring 2023. To learn more, visit ButterflyCandy.com.

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